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Home Office Deductions: A Refresher on the Rules

Home Office Deductions: A Refresher on the Rules Photo by olia danilevich on The Internal Revenue Code (IRC) allows taxpayers to claim a business deduction for expenses arising from the qualified use of all or part of a residence, as long as certain conditions are met. This deduction can be a particularly attractive tax…

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A Glossary of Payroll Terms

A Glossary of Payroll Terms Regardless of your level of involvement in payroll, there are certain terms that you should know. Click through for a roundup of words that are commonly used in the payroll industry. After-tax deductions These deductions are subtracted from employees’ wages after pretax deductions and payroll taxes have been taken out….

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Pennsylvania Overtime Rule Summary

Pennsylvania Overtime Rule Summary As of January 1, 2021, Pennsylvania will update the salary thresholds to reflect the current wages paid to Pennsylvanians in executive, administrative and professional occupations and updates the duties tests for these occupations. This graphic was published by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry Call 1-800-932-0665Bureau of Labor Law ComplianceEmail…

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Connecticut Compliance Change (CT Public Act 19-25) Updates

On January 1, 2021, the Medical Law takes effect in Connecticut. The State Administered Insurance Program allows eligible employees to receive partial wages when they have medical or any other emergencies as part of Paid Family and Medical Leave[1]. The program endowment will be made from the employee’s contribution, not their employer. As of January…

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YE Checklist 2020

Download a copy of our Mini Year End Checklist to ensure success and ease for your organization Download Now As payroll and tax provisions continue to evolve due to the implications of the coronavirus (COVID-19), project planning grows increasingly important. Proper planning can ensure success and ease for your organization. Download our mini year-end project…

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