Navigating Open Enrollment in the New Normal

Navigating Open Enrollment in the New Normal Open enrollment is usually a challenging time for employers. However, the COVID-19 pandemic added another layer of complexity, forcing employers to modify many aspects of their business — including open enrollment. In short, open enrollment is a period of time during the year when employers allow employees toContinue reading “Navigating Open Enrollment in the New Normal”

The Future of Remote Work

The Future of Remote Work Hybrid or remote work environments are here to stay. When setting up a sustainable workflow and process, consider the following questions: What steps are you taking to ensure that everyone receives the training they need? Are you monitoring your staff’s overall well-being? How are you handling a workforce that includesContinue reading “The Future of Remote Work”

Rethink Your Paid-Leave Policies

Rethink Your Paid-Leave Policies In these difficult times, the narrative surrounding employee leave has taken a major turn, with paid leave becoming the dominant theme. Click through to see why it’s time to reassess your paid-leave policies. For most employers, paid leave is a core benefit due to its essential role in attracting and recruitingContinue reading “Rethink Your Paid-Leave Policies”