Is This Your Situation: You Need Help Switching Payroll Providers

Is This Your Situation: You Need Help Switching Payroll Providers

If you’re feeling dissatisfied with your payroll provider, it’s probably time to move on. But the road to greener pastures is complicated. Unless you have trained human resources or payroll staff on-site, you’ll likely need some advice from an independent consultant — who can help you spot deficiencies in your current provider and match you with the right partner.

Below are deficiencies to look out for plus characteristics of the ideal provider.

Too many payroll mistakes

Employees tend to panic when their paychecks aren’t correct. In fact, a study by Aptitude Research Partners revealed that a whopping 49 percent of employees will quit their job after having only two issues with their paychecks.

Payroll mistakes can also affect other areas of your business, including HR and finance, plus result in fines and penalties from the government. Therefore, you cannot afford to have a provider who makes grave or frequent errors.

What you need: A provider who strives to get it right, every time, by installing robust internal controls.

Unreliable service

This may come in various forms, such as late paychecks, not answering the phone, taking forever to return your messages, poor data security or technology that constantly breaks.

What you need: A provider who delivers dependable service, including responsive customer service and durable security measures.

Inability to adapt to your growing needs

In the past, you may have been content with your provider doing the bare minimum — such as basic payroll processing. But now that your business is growing, your payroll needs are changing. A provider who fails to keep up with your changing needs will only stunt your growth.

What you need: A provider who evolves with you, including with regard to technology.

Lack of customizable solutions

Every payroll is unique. What’s good for the company next door, down the street or in another county may not be suitable for your business. If your payroll provider cannot conform to your specific needs, it’s time to look elsewhere.

What you need: A provider who not only takes the time to understand your business culture and payroll processes but also offers solutions that are tailored to your company.

Unethical practices

This includes not being transparent about pricing, refusing to take accountability for payroll errors, deliberately withholding critical payroll information or attempting to sell you products that you don’t need.

What you need: A provider who is honest about fees and charges, who takes responsibility for payroll errors that it makes, who keeps you in the loop about key payroll matters and who doesn’t try to sell you useless products.

As independent consultants, we can help you spot all of these pain points plus any others that may be present in your current system. We can also match you with the right provider plus aid you during the actual switch. So, give us a call today, and we’ll start you on your way to a new provider.

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